Enhancing Digital Customer Experience with SSCPQ Technology for Fortune 500 Manufacturers

Case Summary

The client, a Fortune 500 Manufacturer, faced multiple bottlenecks in their size, select, configure, price & quote (SSCPQ) process. SLK partnered with the client to build a digital SSCPQ ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems and other applications.

The Challenge

The client offers a wide range of products and services in process management, climate technologies, network power, storage solutions, professional tools, and many more areas. They faced the challenge of a traditionally operated SSCPQ process with manual dependencies. The opportunity-to-order process for highly configurable products could not meet the customer’s demands. The time to quote was long and the process also caused inefficient use of technical human resources.

The client wanted to move towards a fast and efficient process for SSCPQ to meet the market demands and growing competition. Lack of visibility over the process and errors were also identified as key challenges that needed to be tackled

The Solution

SLK partnered with the client on their digital customer experience journey to build an SSCPQ ecosystem comprising products and tools that seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems as well as existing and future applications.

With the help of our Product Advisor framework with Rule Engine, 3D Visual Product Configurator, and Spare Part Selector, the domain specialists of SLK quickly accelerated the implementation of digital solutions.

The adaptation of advanced SSCPQ tools by SLK ensured that the right products were sold to the right customers at the right time. The sizing and selection tools in the build help customers specify their requirements and select the best-fit product. The pricing engine ensures accurate pricing, deal guidance, and controlled discounts, while the quote tool enables easy and error-free professional quotes.

The combined functionality of the tools also enabled self-sustenance for business users and customers. Rule Engine powered the business users with independent control of business rules and related IT functions. On the other hand, 3D Visual Product Configurator and Spare Part Selector enabled independent ordering experience for customers.


Reduction in lead time


Increase in quotes handling efficiency


Reduction in quote cycle time


Reduction in errors

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

With SLK’s in-house ready-to-integrate products, we were able to accelerate the implementation of advanced SSCPQ processes. This, in turn, enabled faster time-to-market and increased sales for the client. The solution improved process and channel partner visibility, human resource efficiency, and customer satisfaction while also enabling self-sustainability and independence in these functions.