Quality Center of Excellence for Helping a Regional Bank

Simplified, centralized, and digitized the audit process.

Case Summary

The client, a Tennessee-based regional bank, faced challenges with the inefficiency of their auditing methodology for their financial centers. SLK helped the bank centralize its audits and improve the overall process with its Quality Center of Excellence (QCoE) framework.

The Challenge

The customer operated with multiple financial centers. They held records for all transactions and banking processes of the respective financial centers, which were audited separately by region-specific auditors.

The audits were conducted physically at these centers and the findings were stored in a similar decentralized manner. It made tracking reviews, feedback, and training requirements difficult and often left them unfulfilled.

The audit methods also differed in different regions and financial centers. This led to a disconnect in auditing outcomes and a lack of transparency in many processes.

The Solution

SLK’s QCoE took on the challenge of optimizing the auditing process throughout the bank’s branches, and the following steps were implemented:

  • A centralized auditing group was established with remote auditing capabilities
  • Transaction documents were digitized for selected transaction types. These were stored in a centralized repository for having centralized auditing groups
  • Common procedures and requirements were standardized throughout the organization
  • The ability to publish trends and errors were also introduced to provide greater visibility at all levels of the organization

Business Impact

SLK’s QCoE helped the bank standardize and centralize a wide range of processes, focusing on better visibility and tracking.



reduction in errors within the first 17 months

Standardization of processes like account opening, term deposits, POD, etc., throughout the organization

Reports and trends made available to required stakeholders for comparison and training requirements