Seamless Mergers Fortune 500 manufacturer

SLK helped a Fortune 500 manufacturer seamlessly transition the systems of a newly acquired company.

Case Summary

The client, a Fortune 500 manufacturer, acquired a valves and controls business. The new business needed to be merged with the existing systems and operations of the manufacturer. SLK helped transition this new acquisition into the parent company’s Oracle environment seamlessly in a record time with a 100% offshore cutover due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

The Challenge

The client, with over 83,000 employees, operated from 200+ manufacturing locations. They acquired a valves and controls business that came with its own challenges. The acquired entity had legacy systems working in siloes with fragmented data spread across geographies. Every country had different part numbers and different pricing for the same product. There was no end-to-end lead to order system, and the business relied heavily on manual interventions. This made it difficult for the business to respond to quotes quickly, understand business metrics, and automate systems. They wanted a partner who could help transition the new entity to their Oracle environment seamlessly and bring in process standardization. Our in-depth domain knowledge, deep experience in M&A, and global presence to execute this multi-country mandate made us the perfect partner for their needs.

The Solution

Our team came in with deep expertise in Oracle eBusiness Suite. We partnered with the client through discovery to implementation with consulting, design, program management and execution, and delivery for the overall project. In addition, we provided functional consulting that helped the business understand the situation clearly and take decisions.

We brought in product and pricing standardization, made product configuration easy, and delivered a global rollout – across two manufacturing units in the US, two manufacturing units in Europe, and ten sales offices – in record time. To this end, we harmonized over 50 business processes and validated or phased out 23 edge applications. We enabled the core functionalities of Global Order Management, Quote, Online Store and Integrated Pricing across the business units. Self-service BI enabled holistic tracking of inquiries and win/loss information. This multi-location, multi-business unit project was executed 100% remotely from offshore centers due to COVID related restrictions.

Business Impact

End-to-end integrated system

Significant cost savings due to consolidation

30 minutes Time to quote reduced from days to minutes

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

Our matured delivery model with a focus on automated tools and best practices enabled by our CoE and partners helped execute this project in a record time frame with a 100% offshore cutover due to COVID.

The client now has an end-to-end integrated system that makes navigating the lead to order cycle easier. This has cut down response time and improved conversions. Their teams could now send out a quote in a matter of minutes as compared to several days earlier. Streamlining and centralizing product and pricing also helped consolidate sales offices resulting in significant cost savings.