Reengineering processes using Intelligent Automation for an IT Services Company

Intelligent Automation Reduced ticket resolution time from 192 mins to 10 mins for a major IT Services Company


  • European IT services major’s SAP service desk handling about 30 SAP Clients (leading conglomerates in their sphere of business)
  • SAP User Management service desk, handles requests from its customer base (Add, Update, Delete) to process user accounts for its associates
  • The requests originating from either ServiceNow or SDM tool of the IT services group
  • User Management to be handled in customer specific SAP instance of the customer, aligning with specific needs for approvals and reporting of that customer

Problem Statement

  • Repetitive process to reconcile time records across the time keeping module to the invoicing systems
  • Limited processing window, with 8-hour window of operation during the work week of the service desk
  • Handling customer specific customization rules, brought in the challenge of training the SAP desk team, adherence to rules and ensuring overall quality SLA’s
  • Scalability challenges to accommodate spike in inflow of tickets
  • Lack of agility to onboard new customer accounts, and this would need training the entire service desk members to align with the custom rules


The IT services major was looking to have some RPA integrated into the SAP servicing desk to attain the following goals,

  • Reduce cycle time to process User Management requests, while enhancing quality of services
  • Reduction in cost of operation

What did SLK do?

  • Detailed assessment and documenting process, variants across customer base
  • Process reengineering to enable 100% automation coverage
  • Leveraged RAID (SLK’s own RPA platform) to automate process across IT systems – SDM, ServiceNow, SAP ECC, Email, SharePoint etc.
  • Created reusable modules to ensure quick assimilation of custom rules by customer account
  • Executed project with minimal onsite time and leveraged collaboration tools extensively

Business Outcome Delivered

  • 100% automation achieved
  • Reduction in ticket processing time from 192 mins to 10 min
  • 50% reduction in operating cost
  • Enhanced security, as bots generate and communicate credentials
  • Bots are available round the clock to address User requests, enabling scalability of operations
  • Flexible and futuristic design, enabling swift ramp up