SLK Transforms Conversational AI in world’s leading Fintech

SLK owned the end-to-end transformation and implementation of next get conversational AI using Nuance platform.

Case Summary

One of the worlds’ leading Fintech organizations with a global presence spread across US, UK and Latin America, looked to implement conversational AI to empower customers to serve themselves, improve customer self experience and in turn build strong customer relationships. SLK functioned as a consulting partner using an agile delivery method and a team of 80+ to effectively execute the implementation.

The Challenge

The client had a customer base spread across regions with responses being multi-lingual. They were operating on traditional touch tone systems. They had nearly 80+ small applications through IVR spread across the globe. They had grown through acquisitions and with each acquisition they acquired a call centre that in turn had an IVR application associated with it.

Their traditional systems had longer waiting time for responses. The client had customer domains in banking and payments. They created products that handled banking and payment services. Customers had to wait for agents to handle their requests. They did not have smart routing system in place and had to create a ticket for every issue, wait in queue resulting in unsatisfactory customer experience due to longer waiting times. They looked to implement a self-service AI/ML based solution that is quick, accurate, and enhance customer experience.

The whole challenge was to consolidate these multiple applications into a single application and standardise it with a conversational AI based platform.

The Solution

SLK implemented a next-gen conversational AI chatbot developed on Nuance. Nuance is an Omni Channel Engagement Engine, based on AI/ML and supports global adoption with conversational and intelligent interfaces. Also the platform could handle multiple languages, holding 2000+ patents across languages with accurate speech conversions. Since it was AI based, the chatbot could decode a free text or voice based request and give a response accordingly.

The client now had an intelligent integrated system in place that facilitated robust authentication, smart routing and enhanced customer experience. All their applications were automated through voice based interface or text interface. Their customers did not have to wait for responses as they were immediate and were routed to contact centres only when the issues could not be handled.

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

  • Lesser waiting time for responses
  • Effective reporting across the platform
  • Response time could be measured
  • Necessary repots generated
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Efficient self service to review or view customer data
  • Reduction in the number of contact centres