Turbo charge banking transformation – Enterprise-wide DevSecOps

Enterprise-wide DevSecOps scaleup enables 20x faster time to market.

Case Summary

A large regional bank in the US with non-standardized DevOps processes across products found itself unable to respond to market changes rapidly. SLK helped standardize and scale DevSecOps across the business for enabling over 20,000+ deployments yearly improving agility.

The Challenge

The banking industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and at the same time, new threats are on the rise. To stay competitive, banks need to respond quickly and securely to changes in the market landscape. This needs greater speed and agility in releasing new products and services and better collaboration and communication among various teams, including the security teams.

A regional bank in the US with non-standardized DevOps processes and diversified DevOps toolsets could not meet these criteria. As a result, failed releases and QA issues were a norm that lowered throughput and increased development costs. In addition, it also complicated the talent needs of the business, making it difficult to find the right skillset. Complex metrics and reporting also made it difficult to track progress and address any issues in time. The bank needed a partner who could help them streamline and standardize the development process.

The Solution

The SLK team got on board and built enterprise wide DevSecOps with a live tracker supporting over 20,000+ yearly deployments. We consolidated and minimized the DevSecOps toolset, standardized the technology streams, and enabled on-demand deployment. The real-time dashboard covered metrics for Agile, Code Quality, and other Build and Deployment aspects. We continue to do DevSecOps workshops for the team to keep the momentum going.

Business Impact

USD 3.3

Million saved


Deployments yearly and ongoing


Faster time to market

SLK’s Efforts Showed Quick Results:

The revamped approach helped the bank scale DevSecOps across products and hyper-accelerated time to market with on-demand deployment. Minimal enterprise-wide toolsets and investments also led to significant savings. As a result, the bank is now primed to quickly respond to changes in the business landscape.