Make sustainability a measurable reality

Enterprises’ focus is on using technology in ways that support environmental, social, and economic health. The challenge lies in balancing technological advancement with eco-responsibility, minimizing digital footprints while enhancing operational efficiency, and aligning sustainability with business goals. 

SLK’s sustainability solutions integrate eco-friendly practices into digital strategies, ensuring businesses thrive without compromising the planet’s future. Through innovative tools and analytics, SLK helps eco-conscious companies optimize resource use, reduce emissions, and foster long-term sustainability.


The SLK Advantage

Scalable SAAS platform Image

Scalable SAAS platform

Host cloud-agnostic solutions with ease and scale effortlessly across regions and infrastructures for centralized control and visibility.
Advanced sensor suite Image

Advanced sensor suite

Monitor environmental variables in real-time for precision agriculture—soil, air, water, pH, light, and more.
Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting Image

Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Access detailed utility readings and consumption reports, across devices and platforms, for vendor management and operational efficiency.
Zero-contamination agriculture Image

Zero-contamination agriculture

Embrace IoT-powered hydroponic solution for clean farming and a sustainable, full-cycle water recycling system.
Global Sustainability Solutions Image

Global Sustainability Solutions

Access our ESG monitoring solutions worldwide to achieve comprehensive sustainability goals, leveraging real-time data insights and automated notifications.

Key Offerings

Streamlined ESG monitoring Image

Streamlined ESG monitoring

Get real-time meter readings for water, gas, and electricity consumption insights from across multiple sites around the world. Benefit from automatic notifications and detailed dashboards to ensure consistent ESG adherence. Monitor threshold values and take corrective action in case of deviations.
Sustainable soil solutions Image

Sustainable soil solutions

Remove the need for long-haul travel by shifting to hydroponics. Transform your vegetable supply chain, prevent soil contamination, and reduce reliance on imports. Reap efficiency and self-sufficiency with IoT.
Remote resource management Image

Remote resource management

Map your resources, monitor crops, and forecast weather to plan for optimal yield. Secure your livestock with geofencing, streamline your supply chain with smart logistics, and oversee equipment remotely for uninterrupted operations.


​​​​​Make every digital transformation sustainable with the power of technology.​​