SLK has been recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Application Testing Services, Worldwide
What if you could outpace shrinking release cycles?
Overcome the hurdles of heterogeneous environments and assure new releases with our automation testing services.

Speed up go-to-market with
Intelligent Test Automation Services

Build the assurance of near-zero defect products, services, and experiences, faster

Investments in multiple toolsets, licenses, and disparate skillsets for test automation have created inefficiencies and siloes. At SLK, our test automation services help you leap the inflexion point for software testing with intelligent testing that assures quality for exceptional user experiences. Leverage our AI and ML capabilities to derive actionable insights that help you ensure early intervention, moving the needle from quality engineering to quality assurance. 


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Test Automation Services

At SLK, we help you bring unparalleled quality and intelligence to test quality assurance and validate with confidence. We leverage lean quality principles, a shift-left philosophy, and cutting-edge technology to automate up to 100% testing for Agile, DevOps, as well as traditional software development.


Our intelligent test automation platform seamlessly works with heterogeneous technologies, supports faster and more test cycles, and enables extreme personalization.

Automation Approach

SLK’s strong Automation-based approach ensures functional assurance, which encompasses experience over years of execution and across diverse sectors.

Skilled Automation Engineers

Leverage the expertise of multi-technology skilled and certified automation professionals seasoned by hundreds of test automation across industries.

Witness SLK in action

Automation led Quality Engineering in Insurance

See how SLK’s test data management services helped a large commercial property and casualty insurance company offering a range of standard and specialized insurance products and services across the U.S., Canada and Europe to embark on product centricity through Rapid Automation and CT enablement.


Improvement in automation speed


Automation of business-critical applications

The SLK advantage

Assured Automation

Near 100% test automation to help you continuously improve accuracy

Variable cost of ownership

Move testing spend from pure test execution to test quality to save costs and invest on higher quality

Test Cycle Time Reduction

Reduce the time to test from months/ weeks to days/hours. This translates to faster delivery of functionalities and a shorter time to market

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Get comprehensive test coverage across heterogeneous environments that increases reusability and scalability, so you can test faster and improve any team’s productivity quickly

Anytime Release

Enable anytime releases with continuous automation testing to be twice as productive in lesser time


“With No Code & Low Code Platform we ensure continuous testing & continuous reduction of cycle time to drive quality at speed for our customers.”

- Prasanna Harish

Head – Quality Assurance

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