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Predictive Maintenance for Gas Stations for the Third Largest Convenience Store Chain in the US through IoT and Analytics
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Transform connectivity in digital transformation with IoT

Automate workflows and smooth out complex business processes

Connected devices bring enormous opportunities for businesses to continuously learn and respond in real-time with contextual, timely, and personalized services. SLK helps forward-leaning businesses flex the intelligence from connected devices and transform that data into action.


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

SLK’s digital connected services complement our IoT solutions by helping businesses orchestrate their connected devices, applications, customer channels, and back-office operations for business value. By connecting their customer to the rest of the extended digital landscape, businesses can transform their offerings to be faster, better, and more cost-effective.

Connected Devices

Build connected devices that delight digital-native customers through integration with sensors and Digital Twins for connected homes and cars, wearables, bays, and kiosks


Enhance operational and process efficiencies with Industrial IoT, complete with streams and analytics on premise and on cloud, and complex event processing to give you visibility across the factory floor

Connected Services

Enable seamless and smooth connectivity with microservices-based processes that employ user personas, orchestration, and pass-through service mesh implementation


Move beyond the limitations of SDKs by enriching your connected devices with API integrations – open or channel specific - full life cycle API management, and BIAN, IFX, LIMRA Standards implementation with API tools such as Apigee, Mulesoft, CA, Tibco, IBM, and more

Center of Excellence

Keep your automation projects running smoothly with our CoE setup, helping you develop rapid Proof of Concepts, demonstrate pilots and ROI, create a prioritization and roadmap strategy, and govern effectively.


Drive omni-channel experiences across emerging channels with intelligent virtual assistants and more, powered by cloud-based apps and connectivity

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Transformed cold chain shipping with IoT

Find out how we co-created a smart cold chain monitoring solution to monitor 600,000 modems covering 60% of world’s existing reefer containers.


Usage in shipping lines


Margin Imporvement

The SLK advantage

Business Insights and Foresight as a Service

Using data and platform to provide insights and foresights towards business differentiation for solutions such as smart ship and ship-to-store tracking.

Smart Data
as a Service

Utilizing data to provide and enhance intelligent services such as B2B and B2C services for the new age auto retailer, extreme personalization, and more.

Platform as
a Service

Bring hardware, IT, and OT together for a differential platform to distinguish in the marketplace with solutions like smart cold chain and many more.

Newer Business Model as a Service

Enable predictive maintenance, preventive servicing, and industrial safety in smart factories, and home and energy efficiency.

“Digitalization has drastically changed everyday life in many ways, and we’re excited about the possibilities opened up by IoT as well. Our work on smart, connected systems augments the potential of connectivity by applying it to various use cases to deliver wide-ranging and long-lasting business benefits.”

– Nagesh K P

Head – Data & Digital

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