Banking Outlook 2023

banking trends 2023

The coming year promises a lot of excitement in the banking space as some key drivers come together to open new possibilities. At SLK’s consulting group, we have been watching this space closely and are looking forward to shaping banking CXO agendas in the near and long term. In our view, the changing customer needs, coupled with technological advancements, will shape new partnerships and business models for banks. In addition, the economic and regulatory environment will also dictate how banks leverage new opportunities while managing risk and compliance.

ESG, payments transformation, core modernization, digital branches, and digital loan management are some areas that will create a high impact in the near term. At the same time, banks will have to start putting in the groundwork for banking as a service (BaaS) and thinking about how they will work with Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs.

The Consulting Group at SLK, is primed to help you reimagine your business and step into this bold new future. We continue to help our clients define enterprise technology strategy, create architectural solutions, support business transformation, and build a research-led forward-looking view.


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