Intelligent Infra for Today — and Tomorrow!


Todays’ world is disruptive, complex, and fiercely competitive, where change comes from unexpected sources and with no prior warning. To thrive today and grow tomorrow, organizations must be able to adapt quickly to these changes. With mounting customer expectations in the mix, it has become impossible to deliver what’s needed with yesterday’s tools! Agility, flexibility, and responsiveness are now the keys to delivering superior business outcomes and enhancing customer experience. Success or growth is now defined by how efficiently and effectively an organization leverages its technology and data.

As the backbone of growth, the IT infrastructure must rise to the challenge. It must become smarter, more capable of reducing efforts with automation, optimizing costs with a proactive approach to support, and supplying greater and deeper insights for sound decision making. All of which will improve to sustain a steeper growth trajectory. That is the promise of Intelligent Infrastructure. The future belongs to organizations with intelligent operations that provide a 360-degree view of their operations. This enables quicker, insight-led real-time decision making, exceptional customer experiences, integrated view of the application and infrastructure actionable insights, which will relate technology, process, and line of business-to-business outcomes. Customers, with the help of SLK, can derive these business outcomes by engaging in transformation programs that will require the support of the AIOps platform.

Intelligent Infrastructure utilizes intelligence derived from historical & real-time data leveraging AI / ML technologies. This is a switch from a reactive incident-based ticket management approach to proactive anomaly detection and preventive remediation. An approach that not just saves costs but also allows the enterprise to spend right.

How does Intelligent Infra work

Intelligent Infra can efficiently analyze massive amounts of data and identify the most relevant data. It can correlate and find patterns between selected, meaningful data elements and group them for further analytics. Intelligent Infra identifies the cause of an anomaly before it manifests into a problem and can also dynamically learn behavior, correlate, analyze, and prioritize for further actions to optimize.

Using emerging AI, deep learning, and analytics capabilities, Intelligent Infra integrates knowledge about the state of infrastructure, applications, and data and provides actionable insights to optimize operations and resources. The main benefit of adopting Intelligent Infra is that it gives the speed and agility needed to ensure the uptime of critical services and deliver an optimal customer experience.
Navigating these laws is difficult

All the data privacy laws require businesses to put in processes to handle interactions with customers for privacy requests, create new internal roles to handle interactions with regulators, and train personnel on the latest and ever-changing rules. As the laws start driving enterprises toward new data principles, holding large amounts of customer data will increase liability and building products and services in a privacy-centric way will become more important for businesses. Other advantages include:

  • Potential reduction in IT Tickets
  • Focus on automation by eliminating mundane everyday tasks
  • Speeds up the detection and resolution of service-impacting issue
  • Prevents outages that affect sales and the customer experience
  • Peak business performance and availability
  • Eliminates silos and provides a contextualized vision
  • Provides continuous insights based on real-time and historical dat
  • Accelerates diagnosis and resolution times
  • Automate and integrate monitoring and incident detection
  • Significant reduction in the total cost of ownership
  • Root cause identification tries to bring in a ticketless and self-healing environment
  • Quick root cause analysis and remediation

SLK’s Intelligent Infrastructure Service combines data, machine learning, and analytics to help organizations modernize, transform, harness the power of data, accelerate time to insight, and maximize business benefits to achieve peak business performance. The SLK Advantage

  • Domain expertise
  • SLK AiOps tool to power Intelligent Infra
  • Business driven KPI’s & process
  • Dedicated center of excellence
  • Product/tool agnostic approach
  • Long term customer relationship

Authored by Deepesh Y K and Venkata Perraju K

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