Technology Enabling Effective Work from Home


How Organizations can enable Work from Home

This is an unprecedented time, something that we have never seen before. Time – that has raised several challenges in front of organizations, one of which is how to be productive while working remotely. Dealing with these challenges have become critical to ensure maintaining critical business continuity management in the organization. Fortunately, for everyone, the advent of various next generation technologies has made it possible to keep work ongoing from anywhere and everywhere. It is these technologies that help businesses enable their workforce to work remotely and effectively. If you are hoping to maintain the productivity levels while working from home, you would need to have these technologies enabled to always be on top of your work.

Collaborative Tech Tools

Unlike what most people believe, remote working enhances collaboration. The members of a certain team may be stationed anywhere in the world, but they can still work in harmony by keeping track of each other’s movements. The next-generation collaborative technology has enabled co-workers and executives to come together, through platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., for virtual meetings. They may have fruitful discussions related to shared files, project updating, etc. Collaborative tools work well across different, as well as multiple time zones. In case, the team prefers to see each other too, it is possible to initiate video conferences. Moreover, these tools are capable of combining high quality video with important features such as screen sharing, recording, content sharing, enhancing collaboration during remote meetings. This tends to create greater cohesiveness amongst the team members.

VoIP platforms

Voice over internet protocol, offered by various tools such as Skype, is a user-friendly assistant that reduces the costs of communication. It enables you to access your office from anywhere across the globe. For instance, you may send instant messages or may receive forwarded calls on your mobile. VoIP also permits teleconferences with co-workers, clients, etc. The best part is that you may forward documents/files to various receivers, too.

The Cloud Environment

Cloud technology brings together a dependable Internet connection pool and shared IT infrastructure onto the same platform. Furthermore, it is wonderfully friendly with multiple devices and applications. The outcome is that remote workers may tackle workload challenges rapidly and efficaciously, from anywhere in the world. Finally, cloud storage aids in setting up a healthy security system. Therefore, remote workers may rest assured that their files, shared work projects and individual assignments are safe and secure.

Network Security Platforms

You just cannot allow anyone and everyone to enter your private workspace. Modern hackers are always trying to keep one-step ahead via novel technologies. Therefore, you must keep your data and work secure through reliable firewalls and anti-virus software. At SLK, all the necessary preventive steps have been taken to ensure your data remains safe with us. You may also need protection against spyware, malware and ransomware sometimes.

Easy and safe centralized Storage

Remote workers have an added responsibility, when they opt for autonomy. They have to ensure that every bit of data is stable and easily accessible, yet stored in a highly protected place to avoid any issues related to cyber security. Therefore, they opt for cloud storage facilities, an example being that of Microsoft Azure. They could be managing several projects simultaneously, for diverse clients, with each project having links to different data. With a cloud storage system in place, the worker would find it easy to extract materials and categorize them. It would even prove easy to share relevant files. We are living in a hi-tech era – an era where working remotely will soon become a norm. So, why not utilize these next-gen tools in a way that we reap maximum benefits, enhancing productivity, reducing time and effort and saving cost. The time saved can be used by employees in things that are important for leading a healthy and happy life, such as taking breaks, following fitness regimen, spending time with family and so on.

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