Why No-Code Test Automation is the Future

No code automation

Performing mundane tasks, be it personal life or professional, can be at times tedious and boring! This is one of the reasons that automation is considered to be a boon for us. Fortunately, technological innovations have lived up to our wishes and demands! One such example is no code automation testing

No-Code is the new Norm

Test automation techniques were in place even before No-Code/Low-Code entered the scene. However, these traditional techniques had certain challenges.

To begin with, businesses had to invest heavily in test infrastructure, complex scripting environments and dependable tools. Additionally, they had to hire and train individuals to handle them. Regular maintenance of scripts was another expensive affair. Then again, traditional testing methods were rather time-consuming in nature. Therefore, receipt of feedback was slow too. At the end of the day, neither the business owners nor the functional teams could fully comprehend the automated scripts

No code/low code test automation seemed like the perfect solution for the above-mentioned issues. The most delighted ‘users’ are DevOps and Agile! Both are software development methods, with a little twist in the underlying approach. However, both grant great importance to time, for marketplace trends never stay the same for long. Therefore, they require quick testing of products/services before offering them to the public.

Advantages of No-code Test Automation

Speeds up time to market
Testers bring together a set of test cases (collectively called test suite) to examine the behavior of each program. No-Code/Low code, as the name suggests, doesn’t require coding/scripting. Hence, it reduces the time spent on development of scripts. The outcomes or feedbacks are quick. Positive results ensure quick delivery of these software to the end user

Lack of extensive scripting brings down effort and complexity involved. The testing design is simple, and so is the software development process. The user-friendly automation eliminates technical obligation. It also reduces maintenance expenses. It also eliminates the requirement of skilled talents. All these brings down the overall cost

Domain Experts Enabled to Automate
With Minimal or no scripting involved, test automation can be leveraged by domain experts like business users and business analysts. This ensures faster business assurance. With the above advantages, Organizations have introduced tool sets in the market such as Avo Automation, Tosca, Katalon studio, Ranorex to name few.

No Code/Low code automation coupled with AI/ML is the way forward for Test Automation.

Authored by Madhura Veeraiah


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