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Build powerful, scalable, and transformative experiences with
CX, UX, and UI services

Orchestrate technology, people, and expertise to deliver unparalleled stakeholder experiences across multiple channels and interfaces

Poor CX, UX, and UI design results in subpar experiences, unhappy customers, and loss of business. Good, outcome-driven design is about solving problems.

At SLK, we connect the dots with high-quality CX, UX, and UI services delivered by our multi-disciplinary teams.


Go From Ideas to Results with Our Offerings

At SLK, we use our inbuilt frameworks, domain expertise, and business understanding to enhance your engagement with your customers and ensure their affinity to your brand. Our in-house UX framework IDIDRIS helps deliver meaningful, tailored, and transformative user experience that goes beyond devices, inter-weaving your purpose with your unique personality.

Customer Focused Design Thinking

Convergence of technically feasible and economically viable experiences through multiple frameworks and tools from a human perspective.

Design Sprint

A unique five-day process for validating ideas and solving problems through brainstorming, rapid prototyping, and user testing.

Visual Design

Improving the design’s aesthetic appeal and usability with suitable images, typography, space, layout, and color.

Emerging Channels

Enable newer interaction channels like conversational analytics through intelligent Virtual agents built on multiple platforms such as Koopid, Azure Bot, Google DialogFlow, RASA, and Amazon Lex.

Mobility, Apps, and Ecosystem

Enable unique personalized mobile channel experiences on platforms such as Kony, Xamarin, Iconic, Apple, and Firebase.

Witness SLK in action

Experience design results in exponential growth

Find out how we enabled a new B2B offering across brands and channels for a large automotive retailer resulting in a 30% increase in sales during the pandemic.


Increase in sales


Quicker GTM on all form factors

The SLK advantage

Achieve Peak Business Performance

Each new design engagement pivots around your business goals as we take a deep dive into understanding the product requirements.

Superior Customer Experience

Our designers and developers work in tandem to create purposeful design for truly unique, delightful experiences that go beyond devices.

Deploy Appropriate Tools, Technology, Frameworks

Get the best-of-breed technology, tools, and frameworks combined with our unique approach to design for differentiated experiences through our 130+ professionals.

Create Human-Centric approach

Get the right design tools, methodologies that are based on design thinking and are human-centered for the ultimate user experience.


“In a time when user experience needs to be perfect at every turn, exceptional UI/UX is of the utmost importance. We’ve invested in understanding users and what they expect from a productive engagement, so we can give our customers rich interfaces and the tools to deliver outstanding experiences.” 

- Nagesh K P

Head – Data & Digital

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