Simplify your application landscape and Reduce TCO

Businesses striving for growth face a two-front battle: on the business side, the journey to value realization post-modernization is a marathon, demanding a balance between initial investment and expected ROI, with a keen eye on the total cost of ownership. Technically, the path is strewn with high-effort code development, rigorous unit testing, and the need for functional revalidation that keeps pace with change. This calls for sustained organizational change management to keep the transformation active and successful over multiple years.

SLK supports this continuous change with a detailed IT assessment, identifying whether to retain, retire, relocate, rehost, re-platform, rearchitect, or rewrite each application in your inventory. 


The SLK Advantage

Phased transformation approach  Image

Phased transformation approach 

Achieve flexibility with phased and wave approach, enabling quick pivots and addressing issues early for successful solution implementation.
Organizational change management Image

Organizational change management

Adapt smoothly with a combined focus on preparing teams and processes for a seamless transition beyond mere technical change.
Measurable outcome focus Image

Measurable outcome focus

Track progress accurately with automated metrics, assessing each phase and wave of APR for transparent, real-world success validation.
Automated Operational Efficiency Image

Automated Operational Efficiency

Optimize your business processes post-APR cycle with automation, reducing operational and maintenance costs and driving organizational performance.
Strategic Digitization Alignment Image

Strategic Digitization Alignment

Align transformations with the latest industry trends, leveraging AI for strategic approaches and timelines that resonate with Industry 4.0 and beyond.
Improved User Experience through Data Driven Decisions Image

Improved User Experience through Data Driven Decisions

Use real-time insights to focus on apps that users actually need and ensure optimal performance.

Quickly find and eliminate underused and unused applications with AI-powered rightsizing

Automated Requirements Management, Data collection & Analysis Image

Automated Requirements Management, Data collection & Analysis

Ensure complete user story coverage by adopting automated requirements management, data collection & analysis. Achieve thorough documentation, streamlined project scoping, optimized test case generation. In addition, crawl through vast amounts of data including app usage logs, user surveys, network traffic, and system resource utilization.
Accelerated App Development by reducing redundancies & overlap Image

Accelerated App Development by reducing redundancies & overlap

Reduce development cycle time with automated analysis of app functionality and identify overlapping features or redundant functionalities across multiple applications. This helps consolidate or even eliminate unnecessary apps, reducing licensing costs and simplifying tech stack. This expedites product releases and boost market responsiveness.
Continuous Cost Optimization & ROI analysis Image

Continuous Cost Optimization & ROI analysis

Analyze app deployment and maintenance costs alongside usage data continuously to assess the return on investment (ROI) for each application. This helps prioritize resources and identify apps that are no longer cost-effective.
Predictive Maintenance & Optimization Image

Predictive Maintenance & Optimization

Implement a comprehensive automation strategy to improve monitoring and support across all application lifecycles. This predicts potential issues with app performance or security vulnerabilities. This allows for proactive maintenance and optimization to prevent disruptions and ensure optimal application health.


Reduce your application creep and unnecessary IT spending. Invest in new growth opportunities.