Ensure a well-orchestrated evolution from legacy to new system

Enterprises operating on legacy mainframe systems face unique challenges like talent shortage and ballooning operational costs with increased transaction loads. Modernization is pivotal, but it’s no small feat. Enterprises must bear immediate and future expenses, integration complexities, and the imperative to align with broader IT ecosystems. This demands a thorough analysis of extensive application inventories, carefully weighed against business goals, budgetary limitations, and timelines, all while ensuring the transactional integrity and security of the systems.

SLK equips businesses with strategies blended with AI for a seamless transition to modern, agile systems ready to embrace digital innovation and growth.


The SLK Advantage

Strategic & Intelligent assessment framework Image

Strategic & Intelligent assessment framework

Conduct Legacy/Mainframe application discovery, align with organizational goals, and define migration strategies using a comprehensive assessment framework fueled by AI for actionable insights.
Comprehensive delivery framework Image

Comprehensive delivery framework

Capture essential requirements and map current tech with blended automation path & possibilities to devise a targeted delivery model, ensuring end-to-end solution implementation and program success.
Enhanced & automated conversion toolkit Image

Enhanced & automated conversion toolkit

Leverage advanced toolkits enabled by AI/ML, GenAI for augmented code conversion, Quality and validation. Streamline the modernization process with precision and efficiency.
Collaborative technology partners Image

Collaborative technology partners

Gain access to an ecosystem of elite tech partners, utilizing cutting-edge tools, platforms & automations to innovate and elevate your mainframe modernization journey.
Deep Code Analysis: Image

Deep Code Analysis:

Utilize inbuilt AI algorithms to analyze vast amounts of code, understanding its functionalities, relationships between different parts, and even hidden dependencies. This deep understanding allows for automated user stories, test cases, validation creation
Data-Driven Decision Making: Image

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Utilize AI/ML based data discovery mechanism to analyze vast amounts of data related to the legacy system and its usage to provide valuable insights to guide decision-making throughout the modernization journey.

The Future of Legacy Systems: Modernization by AI  with a phased, non-disruptive strategy

Visionary core modernization Image

Visionary core modernization

Re-envision and realign your business processes to next-gen IT strategies, achieving a competitive edge with cutting-edge technology integration.
Hollow the core strategy Image

Hollow the core strategy

Migrate gradually, reducing dependency on core systems, to avoid disruption and increase agility and efficiency in your business operations.
Modern & Intelligent Data hub Image

Modern & Intelligent Data hub

Create a Domain based Data Hub to relegate core as a record keeping system. Drive smarter decisions by leveraging APIs built directly from data layer for a seamless information flow.
Intelligent Code Transformation Image

Intelligent Code Transformation

AI-powered tools to understand the legacy code, user stories/requirement and automate the conversion of legacy code into modern programming languages.
Tactical tech realignment Image

Tactical tech realignment

Utilize lift-tinker and shift methods to adeptly align with cloud innovations and ensure your tech stack is adaptable and future-ready.
AI-powered Best Practice Enforcement: Image

AI-powered Best Practice Enforcement:

Throughout the modernization process, AI continuously monitors the code for adherence to best practices and coding standards. This proactive approach ensures consistent, high-quality code and reduces future maintenance headaches.


Move your legacy/mainframe systems to cloud, reduce technical debt and capex costs.