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Enterprises love to harness the power of Oracle to transform their organizations. However, complex implementation processes, integration issues with existing systems, high customization needs, data migration complexities, and the need for skilled personnel to manage Oracle solutions effectively are issues that can derail the efforts.

SLK brings the full package – comprehensive consulting, strategic planning, skilled personnel, tailored solutions, and ongoing support. We help our clients navigate the challenges in implementation, integration, and management and bring the magic of Oracle alive. Our expertise in products like Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle EBS, Oracle CX apps and more help us get the power of Oracle to work for our clients. SLK can also be your partner in your cloud journey – be it cloud apps or infrastructure. Our global capabilities as a leading Oracle implementation and consultation partner help enterprises accelerate business transformation.

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The SLK Advantage

Global expertise Image

Global expertise

Operating in 16+ countries, with 200+ Oracle consultants worldwide, providing extensive localization and language expertise for diverse markets.
Proven delivery model Image

Proven delivery model

Demonstrated success with 20+ years of delivering Oracle solutions, with close collaboration and emphasis on quicker adaptation to evolving business needs
Innovation and automation Image

Innovation and automation

Utilizing accelerators for test automation, robotic process automation, and maintaining a dedicated Cloud Practice, ensuring cutting-edge solutions and efficient service delivery. Continuous efforts to seek out innovation and automation opportunities in the work we do enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are future-proof.
Comprehensive service portfolio Image

Comprehensive service portfolio

Offering end-to-end services, from business process re-engineering and implementation to technical development, maintenance, support, and specialized areas like EDW & BI.
Strategic partnership commitment Image

Strategic partnership commitment

Forge a trusted alliance for your Oracle solutions that is secured and amplifies what Oracle offerings can achieve for your enterprise.
Holistic approach to business transformation Image

Holistic approach to business transformation

The business transformation starts with “why” by not only not just addressing technological needs but also consider cultural shifts, employee training, and organizational structure adjustments

Unleash Oracle's Power for Lasting Business Benefits

Efficiency gains Image

Efficiency gains

Streamline operations and workflows, optimizing processes for maximum productivity and resource utilization, resulting in significant efficiency gains.
Strategic integration Image

Strategic integration

Integrate Oracle solutions into existing systems, fostering a cohesive and interconnected IT ecosystem that enhances collaboration, data flow, and overall business strategy.
Cost savings Image

Cost savings

Minimize expenses through efficient resource allocation, streamlined processes, and strategic planning.
Enhanced performance Image

Enhanced performance

Elevate system and application performance with Oracle's advanced capabilities, ensuring a robust and scalable IT infrastructure that meets current needs and adapts to future demands.
Customized solutions Image

Customized solutions

implement Oracle solutions specific to your business requirements, providing bespoke solutions that address unique challenges and opportunities, fostering innovation and competitive advantage.
Expert support Image

Expert support

Benefit from dedicated support services, ensuring the smooth operation and continuous improvement of Oracle solutions, with a team of experienced professionals ready to address any issues promptly.


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